Response of the Minister of Information to Diario Rombe

The Minister of Information, Press and Radio, Teobaldo Nchaso, categorically and emphatically refutes some articles recently published by this website, while announcing that legal actions against it are being studied.

Letter addressed to Diario Rombe

Ministry of Information, Press and Radio

The Minister

Malabo, January 27, 2015

Without prejudice of the exercise of any legal actions that correspond to us, I want to categorically and unequivocally refute the information that in recent weeks published by Diario Rombe, regarding the false and tendentious facts, very serious in nature, made against the Government of Equatorial Guinea and against me in particular.

The false accusations that Dario Rombe relates, such as that the Minister “is each time taking more than half of the 50 million francs for the payment of salaries,” are very serious and false slander, completely devoid of any basis, and, as such, cannot be proven in any way, given their obvious falsehood. Equally false are the rest of accusations published in the articles on January 17, 2015, and December 17, 2014.

We understand that the undocumented and fallacious publications of Diario Rombe is an attempt, as always, to fuel intrigues, and foster discouragement and confusion among workers in the Ministry of Information, Press and Radio and denigrate the true reality of the numerous projects and advances that are currently being carried out in Television and in the public media of Equatorial Guinea. For example:

a) At TVGE, just two months ago, we initiated the testing of 24-hour broadcasting (for the first time in our history).

b) In addition, we are making, within the framework of the CAN, a sports program that requires a great deal of daily production. 

c) The new broadcasting of TVGE is also now available at (the rights regime of the CAN does not allow us to broadcast the matches live on the international channel), thanks to which the Equatoguinean expatriates and residents of anywhere in the world can watch our television through their iPhone, iPads, tablets and their laptops.

d) Furthermore, through this streaming, TVGE offers innovative services such as TV on demand, a greater user capacity that can be connected simultaneously, and better quality of picture and sound, since one can watch the news live, past programs or special programs.

e) These days we are also implementing a second communication path so that the signal of RTVGE can go from Malabo to the Continental Region through optical fiber, so that the weather affects as little as possible the continuity of our signal.

And, along with all the above, the Ministry of Information, Press and Radio works in another important series of projects and actions, whose information we cannot advance, but that have as the common goal the improvement both of these public media services of Equatorial Guinea, and the professional team that is part of the same.

The concern of this Minister and his Cabinet for the young people of the team of public television is especially relevant. In fact, when we got to the Ministry, we found a collective of young people who had spent years working at RTVGE Bata, without pay. We have achieved that 57 of them, only the continental region of the country, get paid a monthly stipend and have recently signed contracts with the Ministry of Public Administration and Administrative Reform. Another important group, in the Island Region, also gets paid regularly.

The civil servants of RTVGE, as all civil servants of the country, receive their salaries on time. There is staff without formal ties to the Government, called meritorious, which is paid based on the services provided and the disposition of funds of the Ministry.

Likewise, now we are organizing training courses whose access will require the established level, with a rigorous entrance exams.

The objective data presented in this letter provides a full response to the false and demagogic speculations published by Rombe and allow their authors to value, leaving aside this demagoguery, whether or not we are working to improve the conditions of the RTVGE professionals.

As stated earlier in this letter, the legal counsel of this Minister and the Department of Information, Press and Radio are studying at the moment the appropriate legal measures to take against the slanderous and false publications in Rombe and against those responsible for the publication.

Malabo, January 27, 2015



(The original full document is attached to this article)

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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