Results of National Accounts 2016

The Director General of the Equatorial Guinea National Statistics Institute, Ricardo Nsue Ndemesogo, presented on Friday 4th may, at the Sipopo Palace of Conferences, the Results of the National Accounts 2016. before the media and others attending the meeting.

The 47-page book defines the National Accounts as the record of transactions carried out by the various economic agents, households, companies and public administration for a country in a specific period. In addition, it allows understanding of the structure and functioning of the economy; income and costs for production, consumption, savings and intervening factors.

Furthermore, the National Accounts allow an evaluation of the behaviour of the economy compared to other counties, and are thus very useful to the Government, companies, international institutions, researchers and other users.

The main sources of information in drawing up the National Accounts for Equatorial Guinea are the statistical and fiscal declarations; for the private sector, the balance of payments; for the external sector, the table of financial operations for the State, and the budget for public investment for the public sector.

The contents of this publication contains everything making up the general index for the National Accounts, its 2016 economic context, elements that explain the growth of the GDP, analysis of production and external trade , and the indexes for graphs, among other things.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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