Review of act by Permanent Commission on Finance

On 6th November, the Finance, Economy, Trade and Planning Permanent Commission reviewed the act and assessment of the study of the Draft Laws on the Settlement of General State Budgets and Budgets for Public Companies and Autonomous Bodies for the 2017 economic period, together with the Report of the Execution of the General State Budgets, to 31st March for the current 2018 economic period.

Following a reading of the act and assessment by the second secretary of the commission, Salvador Esono Nchama, the members, under the presidency of Teresa Efua Asangono, President of the Senate, proceeded with a review of the act, to check that it included all the amendments and observations made by the commission during its work.

During this review they noticed errors of dorm and substance, and agreed to meet once again when the the document had been redrafted, with the addition of all the aspects recorded during the appearance of the Government delegation before the plenary session of the Finance permanent Commission, on 2nd of this month.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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