Review of Protocol on trade in services at Senate

The members of the Senate Permanent Commission on Foreign Policy, under the leadership of the President, Teresa Efua Asangono, continued with the review of international agreements and conventions, and on 27th May they began work on the review of Protocol on trade in services in the agreement through which the intention is to create a continental Africa free trade zone.

In addition to comments made on the aims of the protocol, together with the general obligations and disciplines, progressive liberalisation, the institutional provisions and other points contained, the commissioners made various speeches to enrich the contributions that will help towards greater understanding of the document.

The commissioners continue to highlight the needs for this agreement in order to be ratified, for the benefits it would bring to the people of Equatorial Guinea, taking into account that of the 49 countries that signed the instrument between 21st May and 2nd July 2018, only 10 have ratified it to date.

With the recommendations section over, the senators planned a possible date when they could receive senior officials from the department of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, and the questions which would be put to them.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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