Riaba celebrates birthday of Vice-President

The district of Riaba has mobilised in order to celebrate the birthday of the Vice-President of the Republic, Charged with National Defence and State Security, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue on 25th June.

The president of the PDGE Monitoring Commission for the district, who is also Vice-President of the Council of the Republic, Vicente Ehate Tomi, held a joint meeting with all militants and sympathisers, members of the grassroots cells and local authorities, with the aim of coordinating the activities taking place during the celebration.

To do that, he asked for the involvement and participation of all structures, in order to provide a boost for the celebrations. The programme covers a multitude of sporting and cultural activities, such as a peaceful demonstration, a popular marathon, a quadrangular football tournament, Akong competitions, a thanksgiving mass and the performance of folk dances, among others.

During the meeting, Ehate Tomi presented those at the meeting with funds of over four million Franco CFA, donated by the Vice-President for the celebration.

For its part, the PDGE Monitoring Commission for the district handed out provisions donated by the Vice-President on 23rd June.

The commission was led by its president, Vicente Ehate Tomi, and included the president of the District Council, the Government Delegate, who have visited the 18 communities making up the district, from the community of Ehoko to Riaba Central, and from Maule to the community of Baho PequeAo, passing through Bantarabe, Bilelipa and Kakariakas.

During the tour, Ehate Tomi called on militants to appreciate this donation by the Vice-President of the Republic, and asked for the distribution to reach every home.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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