Round table on gender violence

To mark International Women’s Day, the Central Africa Inter-State Public health Higher Education Centre (CIESPAC) organised a round table to speak about gender violence.

The event began with an introduction of the various activities that women have performed in the world. Eliane likassi, as the main speaker, highlighted the fact that violence towards the female gender arises through a consideration of the man as the executioner in the home; physical and sexual violence constitutes one of the most common reasons for divorce.

Nadege Kolo, as co-presenter, asked the women’s collective present to fight to put an end to the violence practised by man towards women, suggesting that her colleagues considered and evaluated the legal instruments as the only way to reduce this phenomenon.

Furthermore, the co-presenter praised the efforts deployed by governments in the CEMAC zone towards eradicating this evil.

The six countries in the Central Africa subregion have ratified various conventions in order to put a stop to gender violence in their states.

CIESPAC, with its headquarters in the Republic of Congo, was created through the wishes of the presidents of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa, and its mission is to coordinate the index of public health in the CEMAC zone.

The event was attended by technicians and specialists in public health issues from each member State.

To bring the event to a close, the director of the centre congratulated the women for their onomastics, affirming that they themselves must be pioneers for change.

Lastly, each member State sang a song from their country, and the Equatorial Guinea delegation presented some of the typical songs from the country.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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