Samuel Eto’o will vote for Paul Biya in 2025

The President of the Cameroon Football Federation, Samuel Eto’o has revealed that he will always vote for President Paul Biya. Adding that it is his civic duty.

‘You, who love and appreciate me, know that I do not hide to express my ideas. Yes, in 2018, I voted for President Paul Biya. And I continue to give him my unwavering support. I stand by this. And no, I will not let anyone deprive me of my rights as a citizen.’

In a statement on his social media handles on Thursday night, Eto’o said his choice is President Paul Biya, denying any rumours of him wanting to become the President of Cameroon.

‘As for me, let’s be clear: the presidency of Fecafoot is not a stepping stone to the presidency of the Republic. I say it loud and clear again: I, Samuel Eto’o fils, am not a candidate for the presidency of Cameroon. This clarification seems necessary to end this unhealthy focus on my modest person.’

He further revealed that speculations about him being a candidate has frustrated many of his friends and families
who fear to be targeted

‘It causes suffering to my family, frightens my friends, hinders our sports project, and poses a threat to my safety.’ Eto’o said.

By implication, should President Paul Biya send his candidacy for Cameroon presidency, Samuel Eto’o Fils will vote him.

Paul Biya will be almost 93 years old next year during the 2025 Presidential election. He has spent 42 years in power but has barely made strode for the improvement of the lives of Cameroonians.

Though he preached rigor, moralisation and integrity, Biya’s presidency has been marked by wide ranging corruption and embezzlement by mostly people from his clan.

Source: Cameroon News Agency