School Basketball League in Bata

The Technical Director of Feguibasket in the mainland, Juan Elonga Mbuña, presented on April 1 at the Sports Center of Nkoantoma the Youth Basketball League 2015.

The Youth Basketball League started last February and is composed of two groups of eight teams in male and female categories. The following schools participate in this league: Carlos Luwuanga, Ecos del Futuro, Bisila, La Resurrección, Margarita, SOS, La Salle, Escolapios Nana Mangue and Litoral Básquet.

The aim is to promote this sport among students and in the Ministry of Youth and Sports itself, thus promoting this activity among young people. The matches will take place on weekends: Saturday and Sunday.

In his speech, Elonga Mbuna thanked the Government of our country, especially the Ministry, for the great support that it is giving to the national sport and to the Feguibasket in particular.

Similarly, he thanked the Martinez Hermanos Foundation and X.Ray for the economic support provided for the development of the so-called Youth League X.Ray 2015.

Text and Photos: Miguel Angel Andjimi Ndong (D. G. Base Internet)

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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