Second and third report from Senate delegations

The second and third reports from the fourth meeting of the national steering committee for the creation of the national investment plan.

Following the debates on the first report, they heard a report presented by the Senator Carlos Eyi Obama, on the fourth meeting of national steering committee for the creation of the national investment plan on the Reduction of Emissions due to Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+), developed in the People’s Republic of China, which contains the results achieved by the project of the REDD+ national investment plan, the processes forecast for 2019, and the theory of change in the national investment plan, strategic interventions and the relation of this plan to REDD+ and the National Development Plan.

Equatorial Guinea expects to contribute towards the global fight against climate change, and implement development in the country in order to achieve the well-being of the Equatoguinean people through REDD+, with a focus based on competitiveness, sustainability, the integrated management of territories, food security and equality in society and gender.

During the course of the fourth meeting, the work was carried out in groups to look at issues related to the sustainability of forests, agriculture, food security, mining, local integrated programmes, etc.

Eyi Obama also presented the report from the preparatory technical support meeting for effective participation by Equatorial Guinea in the Green Fund for Climate, held from 7th to 8th February in Malabo, in order to look at a series of projects that will allow the Republic of Equatorial Guinea to contribute towards the fight against climate change, promote the sustainable handling of the environment and achieve a country with green development.

At the meeting they spoke about the importance and good management of forests, causes which Equatorial Guinea has joined with plans drawn up with the support of the United Nations Organisation for Food (FAO), and the initiative for the forests in Central Africa CAFI.

After the presentation, the senators submitted their observations regarding the problem of water in the continental region, the disappearance of some rivers, awareness raising on the indiscriminate felling of trees and, in addition to looking at the degree of implementation of programmes drawn up by the Government for the benefit of the population, the debates focussed on deforestation, as one of the great environmental dangers.

The presentation concluded with various recommendations and congratulations from the President of the Senate, Teresa Efua Asangono.

Source: Senate Press and Information Office

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