Second appearance by Minister for Finance before Senate

On 26th November, the Secretary of State for Finance, the Economy and Planning appeared before the Senate Permanent Commission on Finance, the Economy, Trade and Planning, to provide answers to the doubts and concerns raised during the analysis under second reading of the Draft Law on State Budgets for the 2019 period, and the report on execution for the first quarter of the current 2018 economic period.

The delegation from the department, led by the secretaries of State charged with Budgets and Financial Control, Eusebio Ipico Penda; Planning, Muakuku Rondo Igambo, and Taxes and Levies, Genaro Ela Kung, appeared before the commission to answer questions such as the one referring to the name of the public cleaning company and its location.

In reference to non-petroleum tax income, the commissioners deemed it opportune to ask for clarification on the actual situation regarding the implementation of fiscal measures for the other para-state public companies, and the matter of exemptions. They also wanted to know what measures will be taken to reduce to a minimum this negative flow.

The commission pointed out that some current State transfers do not appear in the budgets, and also wanted to to know how SEGESA calculates electrical consumption in official buildings, as many of them do not have meters, in addition to asking for ENPIGE for an explanation regarding the lack of income from some residences. The commissioners also asked for an explanation regarding the handling of the philately account by GECOTEL.

Regarding SONAPESCA, the commission wished to know the programme of fishing activities for 2019, its relation to traditional fishing and the Chinese fishing boats, while regarding the port administration, the commission asked how port activities were controlled, and regarding GETESA they wanted to know about the capital sum generating interest, which amounts to 220 million Franc CFA.

In relation to the UNGE, ECA, GEPROYECTOS, INPYDE, ANGE 2020, INEGE, INDEFORD, CICTE, DERECHOS HUMANOS, IPJ, INCOMA, CNIAPGE AND INA, which in their business activities did not register income, the commission asked if there was any explanation for this situation.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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