Second Conference on Technology, Innovation and Society in Tangier closes

From 7th to 9th June, the Technology, Innovation and Society Conference was held in Tangier, with participation from a senior delegation led by the Equatoguinean Minister for Transport, the Postal Service and Telecommunications, Rufino Ovono Ondo.

Technology and innovation were topics covered from various angles over the three days of the conference, focussing on the economic side, security, ethics and individual rights, taking into account the aim to transform social platforms into platforms for peace, development and dialogue, given that “the digital world is in the process of leaving its mark on the world and profoundly transforming patterns of consumption, production and trading, which I take to be a positive impact”, according to words from the Moroccan Minister for the Digital Economy, Moulay Hafid Elalamy.

The conference served as an opportunity to once again debate the importance of technology on industry and in decision making, highlighting that this factor, according to the organising committee, would contribute towards accelerating the diffusion of information and political freedom, and guarantee the future of journalism in the world, in the light of technological transformations.

Another of the points covered during the working panels was the future of women entrepreneurs in Africa and Asia, and to see how to attract them within the business world.

Furthermore, CYFY Africa 2019 explored ways to combat the propagation of violence on social media and how governments and international organisations are working with families, leaders and educators to create communities confronting the dangers of the uses of technology. The congress also dedicated one of its panels to the future of journalism in the world, due to the tremendous technological changes that have been seen. The debates also focussed on the electoral voting process and the fight against piracy, which sometimes affects the final result of a vote, or on the future of women in the world of business, finance and the economy.

The ministers from the fields of digital technology, journalists, experts in ethics, technological leaders and entrepreneurs from various African countries designed in the forum new technological frontiers that attract new world powers in the sector. It is thus time for developing countries in Africa to follow this global trend, and adapt and in particular invest in new technologies and artificial intelligence.

The debates at the congress took place under the patronage of King Mohammed VI, organised by the Centre for Research and Studies ORF (India) and the Central African Research ORFA, in collaboration with the Ministry for Industry, Trade and the Digital Economy Industry, the International University of Rabat and the region of Tangier-Tetuan-Al Hoceima.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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