Second Executive Board meeting at Ministry for Transport

Overseen by the head of the department, Eucario Bacale Angue, the executive board of the Ministry of Transport, the Postal Service and Telecommunications met on Monday 16th April, to look at and debate the three main points on the agenda.

The Minister for Transport oversaw the second departmental executive board meeting of the year, to look at and debate the points on the agenda read by the General Secretary, Francisco Javier Bela Boya.

The points covered the presentation of regulations to improve telecommunications markets and services and the protection of users, presented by ORTEL; the report on the execution of income; the autonomous bodies and bodies under the ministry, such as GITGE, ORTEL, GECOTEL and APGE.

Another of the points looked at various ORTEL initiatives, such as the regulations governing the electronic communication markets; regulations which were approved by the board.

They also looked at the regulations covering licences and obligations for public services in the exploitation of available networks and communication services; the national numbering plan for telecommunications services; the regulations on electric radio emissions; and the overall quality of the electronic telecommunications services available to the general public.

GECOTEL, for its part, asked for ministerial support to strengthen the agreement signed with the Government, for the sending of correspondence from the ministerial departments to all points within the nation.

To conclude, the board looked at the departmental action plan; the control of personnel; the designation of responsibilities, and a proposal with respect to personnel.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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