Second ordinary period of sessions in Chamber of Deputies

On Monday 13th August, the Chamber of Deputies held a plenary session to adopt the agenda for the second ordinary period, in which they will examine the Law on the Liquidation of the General State Budget 2017, the report on the execution of State budgets during the first quarter of this year, the draft Law on the General State Budget for the upcoming 2019 economic period, and the draft budget for the Ombudsman’s Office costs, together with the general draft Law on road transport.

The people’s representatives will look at the proposals to ratify agreements signed by the Government with the Republic of India for the creation of a mixed commission in the exemption for visas for holders of diplomatic, official and service passports, and the establishment of an international solar alliance between the two countries.

The agreement to remove the need for visa for diplomatic, official and service passports signed with the Republic of Ghana and the Pluri-national State of Bolivia, the framework agreement on technical and scientific cooperation also signed with Bolivia, the Minimata Convention on mercury, and the Nagoya protocol, on access to genetic resources and the fair share of the benefits deriving from their use, are all agreements which already have favourable reviews from the Constitutional Tribunal.

However, the appearance of members of the Government before the lower Chamber to answer questions on matters relating to their powers, the presentation of legislative initiatives, and an analysis of complaints and requests presented by citizens will also be looked at.

The agenda was adopted at the plenary session unanimously by the two parliamentary groups, who spoke via their spokespersons, Salvador Nguema Mangue, for the Democratic Coalition, and Miguel Edjang Angue, for the PDGE group, and as in the opening ceremony, the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Gaudencio Mohaba Mesu, once again appealed for rigour and determination from deputies in order to ensure success in their deliberations, within the framework of commitment acquired by the people they represent, as the deputy’s role is one of total dedication.

Mohaba Mesu concluded by inviting all the deputies to the activities planned for the celebration of the 36th anniversary of the Basic Law, to be organised by the Chamber in conjunction with the Senate, for Wednesday 15th August, and which will begin with a thanksgiving mass at the Church Cathedral, followed by an institutional ceremony at Sipopo conference centre.

Source: Chamber of Deputies Press Team

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