Secretary Charged with Foreign Nationals visits city of Kogo

An improvement in the situation regarding immigration, foreign nationals and the borders in the district of Kogo was the primary aim of the visit made to the city by the General Secretary, Charged with Immigration, from the Ministry for Security, Aquilina Mangue Evuna Andeme.

Mangue Evuna appealed to senior military authorities to carry out a census of foreigners living in the town, and to record the entry and exit of expatriates to our country in general, and to Kogo in particular, meaning the creation of files to record the status of expatriates.

The Secretary of state recognised that there are currently illegal documents throughout the nation, above all in the Continental Region, and she invited authorities to create legal documents because in the near future Kogo will have new offices exclusively for the treatment of documentation for foreigners resident in the area. With respect to entry and exit, before concluding the meeting the General Secretary insisted on respect for the administrative hierarchy.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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