Secretary of State continues activities in Beijing

The Secretary of State Charged with the Autonomous Fund and Harmonisation of Public Debt, Rafael Tung Nsue, who is in the city of Beijing, has held two important meetings; one with the Chinese Development Bank, and the other with the Sino Sure insurance company. Following restructuring by the Chinese Government and the movement of control and financing of Equatorial Guinea projects from the Bank of China to the Chinese Development Bank, the Government member thought it opportune to hold a working meeting in order to fully understand the current situation regarding Equatorial Guinea projects carried out by the bank, and a review of the lines of credit and projects financed and to be financed.

Along the same lines, the Secretary of State held a meeting with Sino Sure, to look at the current situation regarding projects carried out by the insurer.

For that reason, and as he had done at other companies, Tung Nsue presented the economic evolution experienced by Equatorial Guinea in recent years, explaining that thanks to the Government the economic situation in the country was improving.

This was greatly appreciated by his interlocutors, taking into account that the updated information provided would facilitate the work of the Chinese party.

At the end of the two meetings they reviewed the excellent relations of friendship and cooperation between the Republic of Equatorial Guinea and the People’s Republic of China, which next year will reach 50 years of successful cooperation.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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