Secretary of State for Tourism meets neighbourhood community from District 4 in Malabo

The Secretary of State for Tourism, Jose Mba Obama Bendomo, met on Tuesday 11th April with the owners of tourist establishments in District 4 in the city of Malabo, in order to report on the dynamics of the directorate of the new Ministry for Tourism. The meeting took place in the meeting room at the Ministry for the Interior and Local Corporations, in Malabo II.

The meeting was attended by the Deputy Government Delegate from District No. 4 in Malabo, Ildefonso Megua Tobachi. At the meeting, the owners of restaurants, bars and discotheques were informed regarding the problems caused to citizens.

During the meeting, Mba Obama also reported to those present on the recent Law No. 77/2017, of 3rd December, regulating the opening and closing of tourist establishments throughout the nation. According to the Secretary of State, this regulation must be followed for the well-being of the neighbourhood.

This awareness-raising campaign is part of the ministerial work programme, with the aim of creating changes to behaviour in order to improve tourist establishments.

The Secretary of State, in his speech, affirmed that “today, the majority of the owners of these places continue to largely ignore these provisions. For that reason we are undertaking this awareness.raising campaign, with the intention that the establishments improve the services they provide for citizens.

It is necessary that the owners of these establishments attend the appointments arranged for them, in order to report on matters regarding their businesses. The ministry does not intend to close any establishments, but we will be obliged to close them if these regulations are not followed”.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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