Seminar on Validation of Compendium of Statistical Concepts and Variables

On 20th June the presentation took place for the Seminar on the Validation of the Compendium of Statistical Concepts and Variables in Equatorial Guinea, at the Hotel Anda China in Malabo.

The opening ceremony for the event began with a welcoming address from the Head of the Department of Coordination and Normalisation at the INEGE, Monica Nchama Mba.

There were also words from the Head of the team from the World Bank in Equatorial Guinea, Alain Gaugris, who pointed out some aspects on the validation of the Compendium and its aims.

After that, the seminar was opened with words from the Secretary of State for Planning, Maukuku Rondo Igambo, who began by speaking about the work done by INEGE since 2016. Furthermore, he said that the compendium was a further step towards national statistical integration which will allow the consolidation of quality and credibility of current data.

Among other aspects, he said that this compendium must be taken as a dictionary which will allow all players at SEN( National Statistics System) to speak the same statistical language. He concluded by declaring his gratitude and congratulations to the INEGE and the World Bank.

There followed two presentations by the INEGE Director General, Ricardo Nsue Ndemesogo, and the Methodology Head of Service.

After that, some ministerial departmental heads presented their suggestions and concerns.

During the presentation, Gaspar Edu said that the document contained four points; the Conceptual Framework, which is the document that covers the definitions, examples, meanings of variable concepts for use within the area of official statistics, and serves as a reference for the terminological and methodological bases for the structures of the National System (SEN) in Equatorial Guinea.

The Working Methodology defines variable concepts, censuses, demographic , economic, education, work, etc. questionnaires, and also proposals and reviews, both by the SEN and the World Bank.

The Compendium Structure is made up of two parts: a) defines all the concepts and variables contained within the compendium, and b) contains examples of questions relating to the variables from the various matters outlined in part a). This compendium is accompanied by a Biography; references to the documents consulted when producing the document.

The final point is the contents of the Compendium, which are examples of questions corresponding to matters such as censuses, surveys, demographics or the economy. It is an 80-page document, and contains a total of 490 terms, between concepts and variables.

The INEGE Director General pointed out that this document will serve as a technological reference for the production and use of statistics in our country, as it brings together the most widely used statistical concepts and variables.

After the presentations, the event was brought to a close by the INEGE Director General.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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