Seminar to Reveal Results of Financial Inclusion Courses for Rural Entrepreneurs

On in the auditorium at the headquarters of the United Nations Agencies in Malabo, a Seminar to Reveal Results of the Financial Inclusion Courses for Rural Entrepreneurs from Baloeri, Basupu and Batoicopo took place.

The event was attended by the Director General for Monitoring Social Programmes in the Presidency of the Government, representatives from the Ministry for Agriculture, Livestock and Food, the representative from the FAO, and women entrepreneurs from the areas mentioned.

For us, it was the first collaborative experience in this area in the country, and we noted a very positive reception by the women who benefited, who now feel better prepared to work in cooperatives and take full advantage of the commercialisation of their agricultural products. It has also served for rural women entrepreneurs to strengthen their autonomy and motivation to work for their personal development and well-being, and that of their families and communities”, said the UNICEF representative, Antero Almeida de Pina, who was satisfied with the collaboration received on the financial inclusion courses.

Through these courses, the aim is to advance the integrated development and inclusion of women entrepreneurs in the rural environment, in order to improve their productive capabilities, increase competitiveness and economic growth, and reduce vulnerability.

UNICEF works mainly towards the well-being of children and women, and for that reason the courses given will contribute to an improvement in the quality of life in the rural environment as part of the goals for African States in matters of children’s rights. Course collaborators included the Government, UNICEF and the FAO, with the aim of reducing social disparity, promoting equality, and the good governance which forms part of the national plan for economic and social development “Horizonte 2020”.

The UNICEF representative concluded his speech by thanking the local authorities in Baloeri, BasupA� and Batoicopo for the facilities to successfully organise the courses in their respective communities, and congratulated women entrepreneurs from these communities for having actively participated in the courses, while wishing them success in their activities on a personal and family, and for the benefit of their communities.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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