Seminar Workshop on Evaluation of School Learning

The Educational Programme in Equatorial Guinea (PRODEGE) organised, from 4th to 7th December in Malabo II, a seminar workshop for tutors and supervisors, with the aim of achieving an improvement in the quality of education.

At the seminar, potential tutors and supervisors are taking part in order to implement the evaluation module for school learning. The course consists in providing all those topics which help teachers in primary and pre-school to evaluate their students objectively, and in accordance with principles.

The modules at the workshop are structured by learning guides which allow the trainers to provide quality information to the teachers, which can then be used productively in the classroom. In addition, they will receive the appropriate elements, knowledge and strategies to enable better evaluation of the pupils.

In another context, they will also reflect on various focus points, such as flexible promotion, the academic performance of students, rhythms and styles of learning, and the creation of quality units in order to evaluate competences.

After the seminar, which will last four days, there will be a definitive selection of 122 tutors and 18 supervisors with the best academic profiles and professional trajectories. The training modules will take place from the weekend of 13th January, and will finish on the last weekend in February.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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