Seminar Workshop on International Labour Regulations

The Ministry for Work and Social Security, in coordination with Technical Assistance from the International Labour Organisation, organised a seminar workshop on 29th May on the preparation of the International Labour Regulations, which was overseen by the Deputy Minister, Alfredo Mitogo Mitogo, representing the Minister.

The seminar took place at the Hilton Hotel in Malabo, and was attended by the Secretary of State from the Ministry for Work, Honorato Asama Nsugu, and experts giving the course, Amanda Mejias CaAada and Benoit Guiguet. The seminar workshop aims to strengthen the capacity to apply procedures related to International Labour Regulations.

Two speeches were heard during the opening ceremony. One came from the course instructor, Benoit Guiguet, who spoke about aspects relating to labour regulations and actions implemented by the International Labour Organisation.

The Deputy Minister also spoke, and pointed out that these regulations will be developed in order to build a global system of instruments covering work and social policy.

He also mentioned the importance of this activity, which comes within the framework of the preparation of the corresponding reports for 2019, on ILO conventions, ratified by the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, which have the constant technical support provided by the ILO to the Government, with the aim of training and strengthening skills and knowledge regarding procedures related to these regulations.

Taking part in this workshop are government officials responsible for matters related to International Labour Regulations, and representatives from employers’ and workers’ organisations charged with matters related to the ILO.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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