Seminar Workshop on Training and Education of Artisan Fishermen and Individual Fishermen from the Insular Region

The seminar is being led by the coordinator general, Andres Ndong Micha, Director General of Artisan Fishing and Higher Engineer in Industrial Fishing, and will last for three days. The aim of this meeting is to train and educate the artisan fishermen, whether grouped or individual, from the Island of Bioko, so that they can increase their knowledge with regards to the implementation of new fishing techniques and methods, together with the principles of their operation.

Throughout the seminar, the participants will receive general training on the implementation of techniques in the latest arts and methods of fishing with economic performance in our seas, together with the methods for payment, the management of quality for fishing products, in production, storage, transport to the fish markets, transformation and commercialisation to consumers.

Through this workshop the aim is to obtain a group of artisan fishermen on a national level with both a technical and practical capacity fro the production, transformation and commercialisation of artisan fishing, guaranteeing an increase in the activity in our markets, and creating employment for the youth and women.

There will be workshops such as “Administration of Groupings”, “The Art of Fishing”, “Conditions in marine life” and “Hygiene on Boats”, among others.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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