On 6th May, the Senate Plenary met to look at the text of the declaration from the institution on the acts of juvenile violence recorded in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.
Faced with an increase in the cases of delinquency carried out chiefly by youths, and taking into account that this situation creates social insecurity, the Senate, in its duty to look after the interests and welfare of the population it represents, has drawn up a draft institutional declaration in school bullying and juvenile violence in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, following a single-issue session on 26th February, in which they debated the causes and effects of this phenomenon.
The document through which the Senate intends to express its position on the wave of violent juvenile acts and school bullying has been analysed by the Senators, whose comments and corrections served to improve the content of the text declaration prior to adoption; a text which, in addition to the considerations of the Senate on the issue of juvenile violence and school bullying in the country, also contains several recommendations from the Upper Chamber and other competent institutions to combat this social scourge.
The Senate drew up this institutional declaration based on articles 23, 24 and 25 of Equatorial Guinea Basic Law on the duty to protect persons from conception and protect minors so that they can develop normally and safely in their physical and moral integrity, their home life, and the duty to guarantee free, primary education and to promote responsible parenthood.
In the session, the Plenary also adopted the programme for the final month of the first period of parliamentary sessions drawn up by the Table and agreed with the board of spokespersons, which includes all the files pending adoption.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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