Sessions of Intergovernmental Committee of Senior Officials and Experts for Central Africa

This session, which was closed by Maria del Mar Bonkanka Tabares, Secretary of State for Economic Bodies and International Financiers and President of the CIE 2019, signified a contribution towards the putting into practice of the Douala Consensus adopted at the 33rd and 34th sessions of CIE, and its main aim was to consider ways to include the digital economy in the strategies for economic diversification for the subregion, with the intention of accelerating its structural transformation, and to balance the efforts of all central African countries in terms of digital technology, in order to establish an integrated digital ecosystem.

The debates and practical sessions, which were predominantly about the need for Africa to form part of the fourth industrial revolution, to capitalise on the opportunities provided by the African continental free trade zone, and to accelerate economic diversification through the digital economy, led to the proposal of a series of measures, such as integrating the digital economy within national development strategies, the creation of a community investment fund to support start-ups in the subregion (with the support of the Central African States Development Bank), the appearance of a dynamic regional hub for excellence in innovation, the creation of a Subregional Digital Technological Centre, the establishment of two pilot laboratories for technological innovation (UNTIL) in two countries in the subregion, and finally, to adopt and promote the “Made in Africa” label, among others

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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