Seventh working day for Permanent Commission for Justice and Human Rights

The Permanent Commission for Justice and Human Rights studied and analysed the finer points of Article 60 in reference to the disciplinary regime in the fifth chapter on security and vigilance measures.

The seventh day of the commission’s work, which is being moderated by senator Silvestre Siale Bileka, took place on 13th September, with the study and analysis of article 60, covering the disciplinary regime in chapter five on security and vigilance measures, reworded by the Learned Department at the Senate.

Taking into account the importance of article 60, the members of the commission returned to the debating table, in order to provide their observations on the work of rewording recommended by the Commission to the Learned Department at the Senate, with respect to the categories of minor, serious and very serious offences for minors held in social reintegration centres, together with disciplinary sanctions.

The proposed Law Governing the Criminal Responsibility of Minors in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea arose through the initiative of the PDGE parliamentary group in the Senate, in order to cover the legal vacuum in the current Penal Code on the regulation of this issue.

Source: Senate Press Office

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