Signing of memorandum at Bioko Chamber of Commerce

The memorandum between the Bioko Chamber of Commerce and the company Icubefarm was signed on the morning of Tuesday 5th February, regarding the organisation of an international business fair in the month of May. The last one took place in the Hotel Sofitel in Sipopo in 2018, due to the 50th Anniversary of Equatorial Guinea Independence.

Before signing the agreement, the president of the Bioko Chamber of Commerce, Gregorio Boho Camo, met the Director of Icubefarm, Yolanda Asumu. After signing the agreement, Boho Camo pointed out that the fair also coincided with the country’s year of industry and the National Economic Conference for the economic development of the country. Boho Camo praised the experience and capacity of Icubefarm to organise business fairs, We expect full cooperation of all businessmen in our country; at the Chamber of Commerce we are no more than facilitators to support these initiatives. We want the private business sector to accompany the development of our country, and hope we can achieve economic development in the future for Equatorial Guinea”. The role of the Chamber of Commerce in the memorandum will be based on the coordination and mobilisation of companies, the organisation of seminars, and various programmes.

The head of public relations at Icubefarm, Axana Botey Monobela, also praised the signing of the memorandum, and recognised the experience of the company in the organisation of fairs, We have experience in the organisation of fairs; in fact, the next one will be the fourth edition. We have worked with various companies that have taken part, both national and international, and we can confirm the successful exchanges we have had. This year we are moving boldly; currently working with the Chamber of Commerce, as we did in 2018, in such a way that companies in the continental part can also have access to the business fair”.

For her part, Yolanda Asumu underlined the presence of the board of her company in the Chamber of Commerce, and also declared that at the fair this year they wanted to involve all companies operating in the country, Last year we had greater participation from companies on the island of Bioko, but this year we want all companies operating in the country to have the opportunity to exhibit their services and products. Currently we are receiving a lot of support from the Ministry for Trade, and we are grateful for this opportunity. We urge all companies to get ready to exhibit their services and products, so that they become better known. Not only companies, but sometimes the Government itself has needs. On the employment portal we offer many services and the creation of various alternative tools”.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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