Simon Mann declares that the lawyer accusing the Vice-President was involved in the attempted Coup against Equatorial Guinea

The famous mercenary took centre stage in the court session when he declared that the prosecution lawyer was involved in the Coup that he led in 2004. Furthermore, the prosecution has distanced itself from the subject of the case, by exclusively drawing on known political opponents of the regime, instead of calling witnesses that could provide declarations or evidence regarding the facts of the case.

Malabo, 28 June 2017

The trial which is in progress in Paris against the Vice-President of Equatorial Guinea continued on Monday 26th, with various surprises and confrontations.

The prosecution, made up of the NGOs Transparency International France and Sherpa, among others, was incapable of calling on any witness who could supply direct evidence regarding the crimes of money laundering, which is the main subject of the accusation.

The witnesses for the prosecution were opponents and businessmen who provided a negative, subjective opinion regarding the Vice-President of the Nation and against the Government, with none of them providing any key evidence which could demonstrate specific facts; their declarations were not even directly linked to the accusations which are the real subject of the trial.

The choice of witnesses in itself devalues the arguments in the case by the prosecution, which has almost exclusively turned to politicians from the opposition and recognised critics of the Government of Equatorial Guinea, instead of -as would be logical- bringing witnesses forward who could provide data, evidence or at least declarations regarding the economic activities being judged.

The fact of turning the trial into a political circus, with opponents from various tendencies, does nothing more than substantiate what the Government of Equatorial Guinea has been saying in recent weeks; that the trial is no more than an argument by specific French institutions to be able to take control of our country; intolerable neo-colonial interference which is unravelling itself through the witnesses called to the trial.

In fact, and in order to put an end to this lurid trial, some of these “opponents” who went to testify confronted each other on leaving court, causing a shameful quarrel which was caught on camera and posted on all social media.

The Paris trial: a new plot to raid Equatorial Guinea

However, the greatest surprise of the afternoon was the testimony of the former mercenary Simon Mann, who was called to testify by the defence council of the Vice-President, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue.

As published in the international press, in his testimony, the former mercenary declared without a doubt that those responsible for the prosecution in this case are the same people who organised the coup which made him famous, in 2004. In fact, he also declared that he personally knew some of them.

We should recall that the failed Coup attempt, in 2004, involved a complex international plot, involving, among others, the opponent Severo Moto, the Lebanese businessman Ely Calil, and figures such as Mark Thatcher, son of Margaret Thatcher.

In his declaration, Simon Mann said that the magnate George Soros and the then president of the NGO Sherpa, William Bourdon, were part, in 2004, of the group that organised the attempted Coup. This is of special significance if we take into account that William Bourdon is now also the main prosecution lawyer acting in the name of Transparency International in the case that is being held in the French capital against the Vice-President.

The accusation against Bourdon did not remain as mere words: as proof of all this, the lawyer for Nguema Obiang Mangue, Emmanuel Marsigny, submitted an email sent by Elyl Calil to Bourdon on 20th July 2007.

The case continues today, Wednesday 28th June.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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