Sixth day of work for Senate Permanent Commission for Justice and Human Rights

For the sixth day running the members of the Permanent Commission for Justice and Human Rights met at the Senate provisional headquarters. Chapters five and six of the Law Governing the Criminal Responsibility of Minors in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea were studied and analysed on 12th September. The work is being moderated by senator Silvestre Siale Bileka.

A total of six articles covered in chapters five and six of the draft law, moved by the PDGE parliamentary group in the Senate, were studied and analysed on the day by members of the commission.

To that end, the vigilance and security measures, together with the disciplinary regime, outlined in articles 59 and 60, were the subject of the first debates among members of the commission, who proposed that the learned members of the Senate reword paragraphs A, B, C and D of the disciplinary regime in its third version, inserting the infringements, in addition to providing models for the sanctions imposed on the accused minor.

With respect to the general regulations on civic responsibility, the extension and the civic responsibility of the guarantors, together with the procedural regulations inserted in articles 61, 62, 63 and 64, the senators provided their observations and proposals aimed at improvement, with regards to both form and content.

The additional, transitory, repeal and final provisions were the subject of study and analysis by the commission, over the six working days.

The aim of this draft law is the re-education of the minor, in order to correct conduct, adopting flexible regulations that favour social reintegration, according to explanations by the President of the Senate, Teresa Efua Asangono.

Source: Senate Press Office

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