Social Evaluation Course of the Ministry of Economy Project

From April 20 to 30, in the city of Malabo, a course on “Social Evaluation of Projects” was held, in which the following topics were discussed, among others: Analysis of the National System of Investment, Lifecycle of Projects, Diagnosis of the Current Situation, Identification of Alternative Solutions, Flow Construction of Net Profits, Basic Concepts of Project Evaluation, Foundations of Financial Mathematics, Decision Criteria and Basic Elements of Economic Theory.

This course took place within the framework of a memorandum of understanding signed between the Ministry of Social Development of Chile and the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Public Investment in Equatorial Guinea. The memorandum stems from a research visit to the Andean country, made by senior representatives of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Public Investment, organized by the World Bank as part of the agreement between the Republic of Equatorial Guinea and the bank, to strengthen the national system of public investment and monitoring of the Horizon 2020 national plan, signed on April 12, 2014.

This course was taught by Jaime Andres Artigas Cabello, investment analyst in the areas of air transport, harbor works and urban viability, in the Chilean Ministry of Social Development; Ramon Facundo Lizana Rojas, an investment analyst in the sectors of infrastructure, energy and public buildings in that ministry, and Eduardo Gustavo Reyes Busch, an investment analyst at the Regional Secretariat of Social Development, in the Lakes region (Chile), as head of the regional department.

There were approximately thirty participating Equatorial Guinean officials from the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Public Investment; Ministry of Education and Science; Ministry of Social Affairs and Gender Equality; Ministry of Finance and Budgets; Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry; Ministry of Fisheries and Environment; Ministry of Health and Social Welfare; Department of Culture and Tourism and the Equatorial Guinea National Agency (ANGE) 2020.

The course lasted two weeks, after which the participants took an exam for the subsequent delivery of one of two types of certificates, depending on its outcome: one of approval (for those who have successfully completed the course) and one of participation (for those who have not passed the course). The certificate shall be issued by the Ministry of Social Development of Chile, and it will also present the logos of the World Bank and the Ministry of Economy, of Planning and Public Investment Equatorial Guinea.

The closing ceremony was conducted by Magdalena Ava Bosaka, national project coordinator, who thanked the representatives of the various Ministries and ANGE 2020 for their participation in the course. She also thanked the three Chilean consultants visiting Equatorial Guinea, to share their experience and train the Equatorial Guinean technicians in such an important matter as is the Social Evaluation of Projects.

Also, Ava Bosaka announced to the attendees that they will be conducting further training courses as part of this project and officials of Equatorial Guinea will benefit from it, because having qualified quality human capital is one of the important foundations of the National Economic and Social Development Plan Horizon 2020 Equatorial Guinea.

Source: ANGE 2020
Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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