Solemn Eucharistic mass on Day of the Deceased

On the morning of 2nd November, at the Ela Nguema Cemetery, the Bishop of Malabo, Juan Nsue Edjang Maye, said mass in honour of the faithful departed, at an act which was attended by the Mayoress of Malabo, Maria Coloma Edjang Bengono, the mayor of the region, Roger Job Engonga, and various faithful.

A number of the faithful from Malabo attended the mass. Following the liturgy of the Eucharistic mass, there was a homily by the Bishop of Malabo, which focussed on the importance of the day, and the reason for its celebration.

He also reminded the municipal authorities of the need to look after tombs with the respect, care and protection they deserve.

After the homily, the mass continued.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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