Sonangol makes clean energy distribution deal

Sonangol, through its Research and Development Center (CPD), and the National Electricity Transmission Network (RNT) signed this Thursday, in Luanda, a Memorandum of Understanding for the distribution of clean energy.

The Memorandum was signed by Orlando da Mata and Vladimir Machado, president of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of the CPD, and Stefan Bollow, Gauff director general.

The chairman of the Board of Directors, Rui Gourgel, and its Executive Director, Mauro Martins, signed for the National Transport Network (RNT), according to the note sent by the oil company to ANGOP.

The agreement, according to Sonangol, outlines the guidelines for supplying electricity to the hydrogen and green ammonia production plant (generated by renewable energy or low-carbon energy), whose infrastructure will be built in Barra do Dande by the national carrier.

The initiative is part of Sonangol’s energy transition strategy and the search for renewable energy resources.

Within the framework of these actions, the national oil company has a partnership with the German companies Gauff GmbH & Co and Engineering Kg, and Conjuncta GmbH.

The signing of the Memorandum consolidates Sonangol’s position as a leader in the search for local solutions for the production of alternative fuels, from energy sources that preserve the environment.

At the opening of the session, Sonangol’s executive director, Olga Sabalo, stressed the essential support of the National Transport and Electricity Network for the materialization of the initiative.

“For the success of this project, considering the need to ensure the regular and uninterrupted availability of electricity from clean sources, we have the supply capacity to be provided by the RNT”, Olga Sabalo clarified.

On his turn, RNT’s director, Mauro Martins, highlighted the importance to support the institution he coordinates “(…) as a company that operates in the high voltage segment, it appears as a strategic partner to supply electricity, being the main raw material supporting the project’s production system”.

In a more technical analysis, the CPD’s chairman of the Executive Committee, Vladimir Machado, spoke about the next phases “the bases will be created for the parties to evaluate the terms and conditions for the energy purchase agreement.”

The German ambassador to Angola, Stefan Traumann, stressed the importance of the Memorandum for the implementation of the project, which will serve as a symbol of cooperation between the two countries, despite the scope of the relationship to other areas of common interest.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)

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