The chairperson of the ad hoc committee tasked with selecting South Africa’s next Public Protector (Ombudsman), Makhosi Khoza, says the country is battling a leadership credibility crisis.

Addressing a roundtable discussion here Wednesday on the selection of the new Public Protector to succeed the retiring Thuli Madonsela, Khoza, a member of Parliamen who serves on the Standing Committee on Finance, cited recent violent protests in Pretoria townships and Vuwani in Limpopo Province, saying these were just some of the incidents requiring introspection.

“We do have a leadership credibility crisis. The fact that we are now beginning to see members of the public being so violent to the extent that they will demolish the very things that they supposed to be benefiting from, the very fact that we have seen how the situation has unfolded in Tshwane and how we have seen the situation has unfolded elsewhere in Limpopo where over 21 schools were burnt down something to me as leaders we have got to do some introspection and say what is that we are not doing right.”

Khoza has praised outgoing Public Protector, saying she did sterling work. “I don’t think she has done anything outside what is expected of this position. But I do believe that what she has done all the members of the South African public are aware of the power that this office has. And therefore, whoever that is going to take over from Thuli Madonsela is going to to have to up the game.”

Madonsela’s term as Public Protector ends in October.

Source: Nam News Network

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