South Africa: MEC Debbie SchA�fer On Security Measures Around 2016 Nsc Examination Papers

Minister Debbie SchA�fer pleased with security measures around 2016 NSC examination papers

Today, Monday 10th October 2016, I visited the NSC examination paper vault to assess security arrangements ahead of the 2016 National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations.

The vault, which contains 102 examination scripts for the 2016 NSC, is under strict security surveillance to ensure that there are no possible leakages or irregularities.

It is the intention of the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) to ensure that the examination process is equal and fair, therefore strict security arrangements are necessary to ensure the integrity of the examinations.

Security measures include:

Each paper is printed and packaged in the Province and is immediately sealed so that it cannot be tampered with.

Each member of the staff has been screened and is monitored closely by security cameras. No cellphones are allowed.

Every examination paper is bar-coded when printed to enable us to track every paper. Each candidate also has to place a bar-coded sticker on their examination script. This sticker enables the department to track every script through the entire examinations process. Learners are also then requested to fill in their unique examination number.

Learners are also monitored during the examinations and markers have been trained to identify any irregularities in the examination.

Invigilators were trained to be extremely vigilant and pupils are warned of severe penalties if caught cheating, including being banned for up to three years.

Monitoring of examinations will be done unannounced on a daily basis by Head Office and District personnel. All schools also have a risk management plan in place for any eventuality that might occur.

I am certainly impressed with the arrangements that have been put in place. This is a huge logistical exercise that requires careful planning and tight management.

While we cannot always predict some extreme circumstances, I am confident that the Department has made all the necessary arrangements to avoid, where possible, any irregularities.

I would like to thank all the WCED officials involved for their commitment to ensuring the validity, credibility and smooth running of the 2016 NSC examinations.

I look forward to a peaceful and fair examination process and am confident that we will ensure that every candidate in the Western Cape receives his/ her paper on time.

Source: South African Government.

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