During the Election Debate on SABC, parties outlined their commitments and lists of changes they would implement if they were elected into power in the Tshwane Metro.

The metro is currently run by the ANC-led government and Democratic Alliance (DA) Tshepiso Msimanga says more needs to be done to attract investment.

“We are promising a clean government that is corruption free. We are promising service delivery that will attract priority. We are promising a business-centred municipality that will ensure that the Nyaope children that we see all over the streets eventually find themselves employed in a meaningful manner,” said Msimanga.

“We want to make sure that this city is also attractive to international companies that would want to come and invest in South Africa,” added Msimang.

The Freedom Front Plus (FFPlus) said the metro had to focus on implementing good governance.

FF-Plus member, Anton Alberts said: “The central problem of governance in PTA is the ANC because of the centralisation of power by the ANC, we say let’s devolve power down to communities. The people can then go to their own towns where they live and then they can get good governance from there.”

The Economic Freedom Front (EFF) also outlined its list of commitments should they be elected to power in the Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality.

The party’s spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said: “The EFF municipality would make sure that we provide quality health care, clinics across the wards, but also that operate 7 days 24hours a day. We are going to make sure that we build internal state capacity to do away with the tendering system because it is responsible for nepotism for corruption.

Source: Nam News Network

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