South Africa: President Jacob Zuma Meets Vuwani Stakeholders

PresIdent Jacob Zuma visited Vuwani today. His visit followed a meeting he had with His Majesty King Toni Mphephu Ramabulana of Vha-Venda last week.

The President met with His Majesty and other leaders representing various community stakeholders including church leaders, traditional leaders, business, youth and the pro-Makhado group.

The meeting accepted His Majesty’s proposal that the Vhembe District Municipality should provide services to the people of Vuwani while a solution on the demarcation issue is being sought.

It was further decided that relevant national and provincial government departments should provide support to the district municipality to carry out this new mandate.

The meeting emphasized that the decision does NOT mean that the new municipality (LIM 345) is being disestablished.

President Zuma, His Majesty the King and all leaders present at the meeting called upon all community members in Vuwani to work to bring about normalcy in the community. Learners and educators in particular were urged to go back to school.

President Zuma will go back to the district to address all community members, those who are against the newly established municipality and those who are for. After assessing the situation today, a conclusion was reached that the community meeting was not representative of the whole community affected by the establishment of the new municipality. It was mostly composed by those who oppose the new municipality.

President Zuma wishes to meet everybody and benefit from the diversity of opinions. He believes that the solution to the Vuwani issue should be inclusive.

Source: The Presidency Republic of South Africa

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