The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) will be hosting its first ever indaba (meeting) with traffic officers from all provinces and municipalities next month to seek solutions to the carnage on South African roads.

The indaba, which is scheduled to take place in Durban from Dec 5 to 9, will also share best practices on how to improve the image and professionalism within the sector. Cabinet Ministers, Members of the Executive Councils (MECs) of provincial governments, mayors and members of mayoral committees are expected to attend the meeting.

The indaba has also attracted local and international experts who will deliver papers on different topics. Delegates from neighbouring states are also expected to attend.

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the major causes of death worldwide. According to global statistics, South Africa has the sixth highest road traffic death rate in the world.

South Africa is a signatory to the United Nations Decade for Road Safety 2011-2020, which seeks to reduce road accidents and fatalities by half by 2020 based on 2011 baselines.

The Road Traffic Management Corporation is doing everything possible to ensure that South Africa achieves these goals, said RTMC chief executive Makhosini Msibi.

“The role of law enforcers continues to evolve, becoming even more complex in our dynamic country, warranting that we pool all resources and create a platform for the public sector and the private sector to robustly engage and tease all salient issues to place us in a good stead to improve our Law Enforcement in the country and provide some lasting solutions,” said Msibi.

he added that the indaba was designed to share expertise, best practice models and experiences in order to improve the image and professionalism in the traffic fraternity, to improve service delivery and devise means on how to educate and create a culture of voluntary compliance to road traffic rules within our society.

The conference will also address issues around improved and integrated law enforcement; best practices in the law enforcement fraternity; economic impact of road carnage; norms and standards of law enforcement; new technologies to improve efficiency in law enforcement; improved working conditions for traffic law enforcement officers; and the quality of licensed drivers


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