Spain surpasses one hundred thousand Coronavirus cases

In the last 24 hours Spain surpassed 100 thousand cases of Coronavirus, according to the latest information from the Ministry for Health in the European country.

The number of COVID-19 victims in Spain continues to rise. For the fifth day running, Spain recorded over 800 deaths, and there are now more than 102 thousand infected, while death since the start of the epidemic have reached over 9 thousand, with 22,647 cured.

On 1st April, the UN called for unity between all countries in order to face the impact of the international blockade produced in the fight against COVID-19. “What is needed is a coordinated, exhaustive multilateral response on a huge scale, involving at least 10% of global GDP. The developed countries can do it. We must massively increase the resources available to developing nations”, said Antonio Guterres, United Nations General Secretary.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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