Special Strategic Plan of the Ceiba company for the CAN

The national airline company, as the official transport carrier of the African Cup of Nations (CAN 2015), has launched a strategic action plan for before, during and after the event.

This strategic plan encompasses the entire structure of the company, from the Flight Operations department (with a rigorous updated plan for pilots and flight attendants) to the Land Operations department (with reinforced handling, check-in and ramp services on all scales) as well as the Technical Directorate.

One of the services recently established by Ceiba Intercontinental during the sporting event has been the creation of an Operational Control Center (OCC), which includes 24-hour coordination and assistance of the entire work plan related to the operation of flights.

It should also be noted that within this strategic plan other measures have been adopted, such as increasing flight frequencies before, during and after the CAN 2015. The company has increased its usual routes by 2 or 3 extras flights to the Continental Region as assistance and support for each match.

They also opened new points of sale in Malabo and Ebebiyin; they enabled issuing electronic tickets on Mongomeyen and Annobon, and extended central office hours.

In addition, the company has arranged a series of contact telephones and e-mail addresses for any public need, during the period of the CAN 2015 and also after the championship. To request it ask information about the special or charter flights: [email protected] and telephone number 555016571. For general information: [email protected], telephone number 555 419 558.

The company issued a statement to explain these special measures in view of the CAN, which was presented by the Commercial Director, Ruben Ondo Mesa, which is included as an attachment to this article. There all the information concerning these special measures is provided, as well as telephone numbers and addresses of the company, especially for these days.

We must recall that Ceiba is also actively collaborating as part of the commission created for the prevention and fight against Ebola, rigorously applying all necessary control measures at airports, in order to ensure passenger safety.

Text and photos: Mansueto Loeri Bomohagasi (D. G. Base Internet)

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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