Speech by Head of State to open National Congress on Mental Health in Africa

The President of the Republic, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, has given the opening speech to workers at the National Congress on Mental Health in Africa. The problem of mental health is indisputable in Equatorial Guinea, which is a delicate social question, and also a concern for public powers and the whole of Equatoguinean society. We must all commit to seeking realistic solutions; whether to mitigate or address the patterns that cause these perturbations in mental health in our country”, said the Head of State. The entire text of the presidential speech is included with this article.

The Head of State recognised that the First Lady, Constancia Mangue de Obiang, and President of CANIGE, “is the inspiration for this Mental Health Congress that today has brought together eminent scientific figures from around the world, to debate specifically the problem of mental health. For that reason I wish to highlight her qualities as a woman. There is a saying which goes, ‘Behind every great man is a great woman”. Being a Great Woman does not happen systematically, but must be worked at; our First Lady of the Nation is sensitive, with outstanding humanitarian qualities, she has full dedication to the most disfavoured in our society, and her actions have no connection to political propaganda, but are disinterested in nature. Equatoguineans should praise and appreciate the First Lady. This praise is not because she is my wife, but simply because that is what I see in her behaviour”.

The Head of State also pointed out that the congress will provide the bases for “Health for all”, which is the slogan of the PDGE Government, It is evident that if we cannot diagnose and fight against the real causes of these perturbations, than it is certain that we will find ourselves in a vicious circle, a sterile waste of resources which could make our efforts end in failure. Thus, we agree with the First Lady when she points out the responsibility shared between the competent departments, public and private institutions and families themselves, in order that we may all contribute towards the implementation of an effective multi-sector strategy, in order to obtain the resources which guarantee success”.

He also pointed to alcoholism as one of the ills that threatens our society. The consumption of drugs and their effects are, among others, the phenomena that impact negatively on the social development of human beings, and are the causes that perturb personal and family disorders, and may also affect the future of Equatoguinean youth, warned the President, before concluding his address.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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