Speech by Minister for Foreign Affairs at meeting of Security Council

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Simeon Oyono Esono Angue, spoke at Top Level meeting number 8626 of the United Nations Security Council on the contribution of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, which took place on Wednesday 25th September in New York, in parallel to activities of the 74th period of sessions of the United Nations General Assembly. The Equatoguinean leader was accompanied by the Equatorial Guinea First Deputy Permanent Representative before the UN, Job Obiang Esono Mbengono, and by the Minister Adviser, Susana Edjang Mangue.

The fifteen members making up the Security Council, including the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, has met once again under to presidency of the Russian Federation, in order to analyse the strategies for a more effective fight against the threat of terrorism.

The meeting was overseen by the Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, and was attended by Foreign Affairs Ministers from member States, which spoke to declare their condemnation of terrorist threats and presented the measures taken by their respective countries in order to counteract any attempt at destabilisation.

The Equatoguinean Minister for Foreign Affairs spoke in representation of the Head of State, and firstly praised the Russian Federation for the excellent way it is leading the work of the session of the Council and , as a consequence, for calling this debate.

Simeon Oyono Esono Angue then presented the consideration of Equatorial Guinea that terrorism, in all forms and expressions, was one of the most serious threats to international peace and security, as terrorist acts are unjustified crimes.

The Minister, Esono Angue, also expressed his concern for the constant flow of illegal arms, and said that this situation contributes significantly to exacerbating insecurity and violence in various parts of Africa, as it undermines social cohesion, socio-economic development and the effective functioning of institutions.

During his words, the Minister for Foreign Affairs again pointed out that Equatorial Guinea was the victim of a terrorist attempt at destabilisation with political and economic ends in December 2017 including foreign involvement which, if successful, would have had dire consequences.

We are convinced that, in order to tackle the current challenges to peace and security, particularly, terrorism, a sustained, integrated focus is required, which involves active participation and collaboration, and an analysis of the root causes of the problem by all States and international and regional organisations, in order to thus be able to prevent, weaken, isolate and neutralise the terrorist threat”, stressed Oyono Esono Angue.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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