Speech by President at Africa-Russia Economic Summit 2019

We are reproducing the full text of the speech given by the President of the Republic, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, at the Africa-Russia Economic Forum, which took place in the Russian city of Sochi.

Firstly, I wish to express our gratitude to the Russian Federation, for the warm reception we have received since our arrival in this friendly, modern city of Sochi, full of history and famous for its hospitality, which symbolises the example of modern Russia.

The summit that today brings us together here must provide is with an opportunity to analyse the current state and perspectives for relations between Russia and African countries in the fields of cooperation, politics, the economy, technology, culture and society.

The strategic situation and the current international situation calls on us to become strategic partners in order to strengthen the changes for a new world which is fairer and more balanced for humanity. Russia could provide a response to many of the challenges faced today by the African continent in particular, and the world in general, regarding both economics and security.

The Russian experience in the fight against international challenges such as terrorism and forays as a military, economic, scientific and technological power could be beneficial for the African continent.

Africa does not want to receive unilateral aid, we want to be partners and part of a partnership that must provide fruits for the benefit of the two parties, Russia and Africa complement each other and have a mutual need as in our hands is the opportunity to form an important alliance, which could steer us towards a new fairer, more balanced world order, which reflects and better responds to our aspirations and interests against the current challenges of the globalised world.

Furthermore, the African market provides enormous opportunities and Russia should not remain on the margins, given that mutual cooperation in the political and economic fields could be of benefit when facing similar challenges.

Russian investment could be a way to diversify the supply on our continent, while African products could also enter the Russian market; in this context, Equatorial Guinea is a country which shares a vision and provides many opportunities for investment in an atmosphere of peace and security, has the need to diversify its national economy, and believes that Russia has an important role to play on a bilateral and multilateral level.

I shall conclude by extending a friendly invitation to the Russian private sector to work in any productive sector or field in Equatorial Guinea, in order to generate employment for present and future generations.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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