Speech by President of Rwanda at China-Africa Cooperation Forum

The President of Rwanda, S. E. Paul Kagame, declared during his speech at the Beijing 2018 Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) that, when globalisation and global cooperation is facing headwinds, the FOCAC summit has coma at the right moment, Against the danger facing globalisation, the FOCAC summit has come at the right moment. More than ever there is a need for cooperation, because some countries have made clear their intentions that they will be first, with others following. FOCAC represents a platform where countries come together to cooperate, and pass on a good message that the world must heed”.

The summit provides a great opportunity for China and African countries to discuss the improvement of best practice in China-Africa cooperation, “which already has a solid basis”, he added.

The Rwandan leader also mentioned the “Africa debt trap”, and described it as an “invention” in order to discourage interaction between China and African countries.

Some western countries have accused China of lending too much to African countries, and to induce them into debt.

“Another perspective on the question is that whoever criticises China due to the debt gives too little”, said Kagame, and added that Africa needs financing in order to build its development capabilities.

However, the President also pointed out that countries must take care to watch their levels of debt, because too much debt would be counter-productive.

Source: Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Equatorial Guinea

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