Speeches at the Round Table for Contributors from the African Solidarity Trust Fund

There were significant speeches from the Deputy Director of FAO, Maria Helena Semedo , who representing the Director General sent a video conference reaffirming that the fund is real cooperation for African countries, and praised Equatorial Guinea and Angola, who had contributed to the fund for the benefit of farmers.

Another of the problems that she mentioned was the impact of climate change, and she recalled that currently around two hundred million people were suffering from chronic malnutrition on the African continent, reaffirming that it is time to boost agricultural production and strengthen employment in order to be self sufficient. Although in the last five years some results have been achieved, there is much to do in order to obtain the proposed goals, said the Director General of the FAO in the message.

He also reiterated the urgent need to develop this fund to guarantee a positive impact on the agricultural sector in order to achieve food security, because this fund could confront the problems of intervention in the production of rice and pulses, The FAO believes that this fund is aligning the priorities on the continent. The new phase today must support and capitalise on the lessons from the first years. Hunger continues to be an unresolved problem on the African continent”.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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