Speeches during the III NEC closing ceremony

The closing ceremony for the III National Economic Conference featured a rigorous series of speeches, featuring speeches from a representative of civil society and a representative from the private sector, in addition to words from the President of the Senate, Teresa Efua Asangono, the president of the The Central African States Development Bank (BDEAC) , the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Gaudencio Mohaba Mesu; the representative from the World Bank, the representative from the IMF and the representative from CEMAC.

Following the speeches, there was a reading of the final act containing all the recommendations adopted during the conference based on the consolidation of the economy and diversification in the country. The session aimed to present to the international community the achievements of the 2020 national plan and integrate the sustainable proposals within the African development agenda.

To define goals for the eradication of poverty in Equatorial Guinea, and the active and passive policy plan contained within the national development plan; social inclusion; sustainable peace and the fight against inequality through clear policies, were some of the topics covered during the III NEC, in order to establish a route map to intensify the economy in the country.

Among the measures adopted is a strategic plan for food, the creation of an agricultural bank, and the development of the agricultural industry. The aim is also to promote industries, and continue the fight against malaria in the continental region of the country, and the fight against HIV-AIDS in Equatorial Guinea, by strengthening the health information system, provide the UNGE with autonomy in educational management and create an autonomous body for the management of drinking water.

In the social inclusion and sustainable peace section, the aim is to establish a national plan for the promotion of women and Human Rights and gender equality for girls and women.

These and others were some of the recommendations received during each of the speeches made during the closing ceremony at the conference.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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