Start of Extraordinary Session of Committee on Emigration

From 29th October to 3rd November, Malabo is hosting the Extraordinary Session of the Technical Committee Specialising in Emigration, Refugees and Displaced Persons in Africa; and also the study on the adoption for the design of the production and issue of the African Union (AU) passport and its annexes.

The General Secretary from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Matias Nguema Mba, representing the minister, Simeon Oyono Esono, oversaw the opening ceremony for the work, and recalled that the question of statelessness and deprivation of nationality in Africa is a priority for the Sub-committee on Refugees, which continues to be one of the main concerns of the AU.

It is a question of humanitarian order, with serious consequences in terms of stability for populations and development. It is also a question of human rights linked to the denial of an essential right, and the lack of an adequate legal framework. It is also a question of security with an impact on the stability of States, as it involves exclusion, and as a consequence, poverty and desperation; and it also creates a mixture which is conducive to criminality and political violence”, declared the minister.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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