Statement by the President following demonstrations in the semifinals of the CAN

“The enemies of progress and peace of the people of Equatorial Guinea have demonstrated their lack of political maturity, organizing violent demonstrations during the matches,” said the President, who criticizes the attitude of these individuals and recalls that in sports one should accept defeat. The Head of State also congratulated the Nzalang and law enforcement, and concluded saying “let the best team win.”

In his statement regarding the violent demonstrations in the stadium and in the city of Malabo during the semifinal match of the CAN Competitions between the Nzalang Nacional of Equatorial Guinea and the Black Stars of Ghana, the Head of State and Government, Founding President of the PDGE, started saying “When the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea decided to accept the Organization of the Games of the Africa Cup of Nations Championship, it did not do it to win the Cup or Trophy that CAF had put into play, but rather to show the world our political capacity to organize and our desire to save the honor and dignity of the continent, and avoid criticism that our eternal detractors would issue if these Games were organized outside the African Continent.”

-“However,” the text continues, “despite the efforts carried out, the enemies of progress and peace of the people of Equatorial Guinea have demonstrated their lack of political maturity, organizing violent demonstrations in the football stadium in Malabo, during the matches, as well as causing material damage at the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea and in the great Avenue Hassan II of Morocco, all to throw a bucket of water on the bright image of Equatorial Guinea. The African Continent and the International World have applauded us for this courageous decision to host the games of the CAN, despite the short time to prepare them, the economic conditions and difficulties in controlling the Ebola epidemic; they are now surprised by this childish attitude of the population of Malabo that is not justified by any incoherence in the football match carried out.”

The President reminded the crowd that in any sport one must know how to win and lose: “The sport of football, like every other sport, is comparable to a judicial process that has to have a winner and a loser, whose verdict, when it is just, should not cause rifts. This is a precondition that must be assimilated by all sports and football fans or supporters of the team, without entailing a drastic scene.”

The Head of State finished congratulating the national team, which, despite having had very little time “has been able to qualify for the semifinal stage, demonstrating their football ability,” and also congratulated “the responsible actions of the Security and Public Order Forces to control the protesters, without the use of violence” and general positive attitude of the people of Equatorial Guinea, for their contribution and their massive participation in all the matches organized.

-“Given that these sports competitions are almost finished, I hope this attitude of the People continues until the final match, in order to consolidate the festive nature that the Republic of Equatorial Guinea has given the CAN 2015,” concluded the President, who said goodbye with a “May the best team win.”

Text: Maria Jesus Nsang (Presidential Press)
Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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