Statement of condemnation and rejection by the PDGE of the politicians who concocted the Ebola Issue

Following the public statements being made in investigating the cause of the of the so-called Ebola issue, the PDGE (Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea) wishes to express its maximum condemnation and horror over the malevolent intentions of the opposition that gives priority to its political interests, rather than the safety of citizens.

In recent weeks, some testimonies have come to light in the so-called Ebola Issue; among these testimonies stand out those of the Coulibaly family, of Guinea Conakry, and of the representative of Equatorial Guinea in the FAO, Crisantos Obama.

According to these testimonies, some opposition politicians -from the party Convergence for Social Democracy (CPDS), the extinct Popular Party (PP) and the alleged Coalition for Democratic Restoration (CORED)- contacted the Coulibaly family to take one of its members, Serif Coulibaly, who was sick with Ebola, to Equatorial Guinea during the African Cup of Nations (CAN), in exchange for 150,000 Euros (about 100 million CFA francs). The aim was to accuse the Government of having introduced Ebola so it would pass on the disease among the population during the celebration of the championship. Fortunately, thanks to the security measures taken during the CAN, they were unable to fulfill their evil plans to provoke the anger of the people against the Government of the PDGE.

In view of these testimonies, the PDGE wishes to express its strongest and absolute condemnation towards the opposition politicians who have participated in these events.

The PDGE considered completely execrable that these citizens, who are clearly considered terrorists, put their personalistic and unhealthy political ambitions above the safety and health of their own people. With this attempted attack against public health, they could have put at risk the health of their fellow citizens and their relatives, friends or neighbors.

The PDGE also urges the authorities to fully investigate these unfortunate events, so that everyone involved in this plot is recognized and that the issue is fully clarified. And, in the same way, we express to the Government the need for a legal, stern and firm denunciation against the individuals who participated in them, through the appropriate legal channels.

The PDGE reminds the people of Equatorial Guinea that the CPDS and other opposition politicians stirred the people to boycott by all possible means the organization of the African Cup of Nations (CAN), although we could not have imagined could have imagined that they were able to reach these extremes.


Jeronimo Osa Osa Ecoro
Secretary General of the PDGE

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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