Statements by the Director General of Traffic on the Regulation of Taxis

The Director General of Traffic, JesA�s Ngomo Nvono, showed the current situation of taxi drivers in relation to the regulation of their documents in front of reporters. There is a total of 103 registered applicants on the list who should have already started their taxi service, but with the condition of changing the colour of their vehicles, according to the province in which they circulate.

JesA�s Ngomo explained that the situation is calm, but some taxi drivers continue to work without paying state taxes, and they don’t want to recognise the responsibility of their service.

The Director General of Traffic also reminded those of the opportunity to apply for taxi licenses in the Directorate General of Traffic and Road Safety.

Taxis in the Bioko North Province must be white with a grey stripe on the bonnet and front doors. In Bioko South, they must be white with a black stripe on the bonnet and front doors.

In addition, Ngomo commented that the documentation taxi drivers must provide consists of seven documents among which include a technical inspection card obtained from the General Directorate of Industry and the vehicle registration from regional traffic delegations.

Ngomo concluded his statements by assuring that no taxi driver will be permitted to work without complying with the regulation.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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