Students in Moroccan universities receive Government support

The aid corresponds to the compensation that the Government of Equatorial Guinea grants to Equatorial Guinea students in the Kingdom of Morocco, in order to complement the grant received from the Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation, within the framework of the training programme for human resources for the development of Equatorial Guinea.

This month it was the tun of students in higher education in the cities of Tangier, Setta and Oujda, and the economic aid was presented by the student coordinator, Mateo Alvaro Ntutum, in representation of the authorities from the Equatorial Guinea Embassy. Furthermore, in previous months the students had also received aid in the cities of Rabat, Sale, Casablanca, Meknes and Mohamedia, among others.

The students took advantage of the ceremony to express their recognition to the Government of H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, for the substantial support for the students who are in the Kingdom of Morocco.

Source: The Embassy of Equatorial Guinea in Morocco

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