Study continues on Draft Law for Family Code

The Permanent Commission for Justice and Human Rights continued to debate the proposed Family Code Law, where articles 44 and 45 were the main focus on Friday 26th April.

The lack of payment and exemption for acts of traditional marriage are aspects that the articles intend to regulate, with a review all aspects included in the original document in order to adapt it to the ethno-cultural circumstances and guarantee harmonious family life.

The session began with an agreement to redraft article 44 of the draft law referring to the appointment of an interpreter in the celebration of civil and canonical matrimony for couples who do not speak the Spanish language.

Furthermore, this assessment was taken due to the intense debates the previous day, when considering that Spanish should not be recognised as a condition in the celebration of marriage.

For that reason, the commission decided to eliminate article 45, which establishes that all activities, certificates and testimonies relating to matrimony must not be the subject of an economic obligation, and that the competent authorities must not impose fees for the weddings held, except those outlined in the law on fees.

For that reason the commission, moderated by senator Silvestre Siale Bileka, suspended the work of the day, and will continue next week with debates on the other articles included in the Draft Family Code Law.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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