Study in the Senate of the agreements and memoranda of understanding with Brazil

The Foreign Policy Committee began on Thursday, March 12, the second reading of the documents relating to the agreements and memoranda of understanding between the Republic of Equatorial Guinea and Brazil, sent to Parliament by the Government.

Once the agreements deserve the approval of both Houses that compose it, in the modalities dictated by the Basic Law and regulations thereunder, the Government shall be granted the necessary authorization for agreements and memoranda between our country and Brazil can be ratified.

And it is in this sense that the members of the committee chaired by Angel Serafin Seriche Dougan Malabo have begun the second reading of the documents relating to the creation of the Joint Commission: Agreement for Educational Cooperation; Basic Technical Cooperation Agreement; Agreement on the Granting of Visas for Holders of Diplomatic, Official or Service Passports; Agreement on the Exercise of Gainful Activity Dependent on Diplomatic, Consular, Military, Administrative and Technical staff of the Diplomatic, Consular Missions, and before international organizations, as well as the Agreement on Defense.

Also listed here are the memoranda of understanding on Basic Sanitation and Sports, and that of understanding between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, based on cooperation in Training and Experience Sharing in the diplomatic and consular level.

During the study and analysis of these documents that should serve to strengthen the already close relations between Equatorial Guinea and Brazil, the Senate, as usual, asked for the Government’s presence, this time of officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so they can answer any questions and concerns that arise during discussions within the Committee on Foreign Policy.

Text: Pilar Cecilia Ayecaba Ndong (Senate Press Office)

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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